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  • barcelona ciutadella barceloneta
  • barcelona ciutadella barceloneta

Languages available: EN ES FR PT

Customizable tour: Yes

Recommended group size per guide: 25

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Barcelona – Ciutadella Park – Sea Front – Barceloneta 

Barcelona’s relationship with the sea has changed throughout the history. In the medieval and modern city the sea was related to trade and commercial activities. Today it has become a series of public spaces, beaches, walks, parks, facilities and services ideal for leisure and sport.

The recovery of the Maritime Front of the city has meant a historical change and contributed to making the beaches and the sea, the daily lives of citizens and visitors. Until the eighties Barcelona lived away from the sea because the railway ran through its waterfront until Besòs produced a very powerful barrier. The first discovery of the sea was with the remodeling of the Wooden WharfMoll de la Fusta” in 1989.

In a short walk we will discover two of the maritime districts of the city: The vibrancy of the multicultural Barceloneta and the residential Olympic Village, built for the Olympic Games of 1992. Not forgetting the promenade looking out over the Mediterranean.

Discover this tour with the company of a professional guide-architect throughout all the itinerary and explore the main points from the Sea Front area of Barcelona. You will see the Barceloneta beach and its neighborhood and next to it, the Ciutadella Park, among other visits.

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