Complementary services for Fairs of the Construction, Arquitecture and design scetor.

We support the organization of construction, design and architecture fairs with additional and complementary services to your sale stands and buyers.

We have introduced complementary services in some fairs of the sector, like Feria Construmat, Piscina and Wellness, Smart City Expo… Between them we can find:

  • Guided visits in the event host city, mobilize the exhibitors in the city, making their knowledge in architecture, urbanism and design of the city grow. It provides a high added value with exclusive visits with presentations done by experts in infrastructures and buildings with forbidden access.

  • Guided Itineraries inside the Fair are a win win formula in which the visitor has easy access to information, making the visitor reach all the corners of the fair. The visitor has also got distinguished access to key expositors depending on the tour’s subject, they have access to special offers and discounts. On the other side the expositor assures the visit of potential groups of buyers to their stand, and also to stand out the rivals.

  • Organization of competitions related with the Fair. Competitions for students or for professionals from the creation, design, documents and materials, promotion, follow- up, present the awards,…

  • Event’s promotion supporting with the design, the social network, sending Newsletters, …

  • After work events. It is about forming group and creating synergies for after the Fair, wine tasting, musical dinners, TED talks, group Runnings, etc. Any exhibitor travelling will like to participate in the group activities to discover the city and its residents.

hola equpo: muchas gracias por el buen servicio que nos diste en la fira. me parece muy interesante que ofrezcan turismo de arquitectura y transmitiré vuestra información a los profesioanles de mi entorno.

Gerente General / General Manager
Hydrex Ingenieros SAC

A viagem foi excelente!!! Tivemos um ótimo apoio da Amanda em todos os serviços.
Com relação ao jantar, a equipe do restaurante foi muito gentil e o serviço foi muito bom.
No mais, agradeço toda o serviço prestado.
Abs, José Carlos Arquiteto Brasil
Abs, José Carlos Arquiteto Brasil, VIAJE FERIA DE MILAN
Hola Irene, les visites que vam fer ens van agradar molt. Us felicito per la iniciativa, la bona tria dels edificis i la professionalitat per part de tot l’equip. Esperem poder gaudir de més experiencies ben aviat.
Moltes gràcies per tot i a tots,

Pich Aguilera Studio