Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)

The constant social awareness and sensitivity of public opinion have contributed to the integration and protection of the most disadvantaged is one of the main objectives of today’s society, along with other causes such as environmental impact.

From Artchitectours we bet since our beginnings to offer a service of environmental quality and social responsibility.

We work from the commitment to share throughout the entity and the commitment to sustainable development of the company create added value to respond to the needs and economic, social and environmental efforts of our stakeholders.

Our purpose is to offer quality services, through a comprehensive sustainable alliance, with our customers, our communities, our collaborators, our environment and our partners.

As a travel agency, we work to ensure that tourism has a minimal impact on the environment and that culture is actively and sustainably fostered.

Artchitectours contributes an annual donation to UNICEF with its initiative Pymes Amigas for the program Multiplica por la Infancia.

 The CEO of Artchitectours, Mr. Jordi Puig with the Member of the Board of Trustees of UNICEF Spanish Committee, Mrs. Anna Folch.


By adding small collaborations, we multiply the results.

The programme Pymes Amigas is an initiative specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, professional associations and other groups in the private sector. It aims to mobilize resources for children’s education in Africa.

The entities that participate in this initiative join their efforts to multiply the impact of their action.

Artchitectours collaborates with UNICEF, which means assuming as its own all the ethical and respect principles to promote the protection of the rights of the child, to help meet their basic needs and to increase the opportunities offered to them to fully reach their potential . It helps mainly in areas of extreme poverty, in Africa and other parts of the world. Humanitarian rights are areas of action of UNICEF and include the development of children, adolescents, and participation in the patterns of life, based on education.

We contribute to the Multiplica por la Infancia program, an initiative of UNICEF Spain that facilitates the collaboration of small and medium enterprises, professional associations and other groups of the private sector in the defense of the rights of the most vulnerable children and with the objective to mobilize resources in favor of the education of children in Africa.

What is the destination of the funds?

Education represents the hopes, dreams and aspirations of children, families, communities and nations around the world. It is the surest way out of poverty and a fundamental path to healthier, more productive citizens and stronger societies.

Multiplica entities donate to the Escuelas para África (Schools for Africa) initiative.

Escuelas para África (Schools for Africa)

Escuelas para África is an initiative founded in 2004 together with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Peter Krämer Foundation to create Child Friendly Schools. They are child-friendly schools that provide a safe and protective environment in which children can learn and play. In addition to providing quality education, the schools provide water, health, food and sanitation facilities, among others.

Since the programme’s inception, more than 30 million children have been able to study in child-friendly schools with adequate facilities and materials, well-trained teachers and programmes tailored to all their needs. Access to quality education has also been a key for many children with disabilities, shaping a future they would otherwise never have achieved.

Escuelas para África has benefited 28.5 million children in 13 countries since 2005.

Information from the multiplica por la infancia website. For more information click here.