Educational architecture workshops for students or for the general public to learn the basic fundamentals of architecture and capture the architectonic focus of each building or activity.

The workshops are very useful as an incentive, motivating teamwork, making people think and collaborate in a manual and intellectual activity can be very positive and make groups come together.

Architecture and design are part of our daily life, so participants will remember our workshops in architecture and design for a long time.

Architecture workshops and workshops for students, we design your workshop in architecture and desin local universities, from a mini one of 4 hours until courses of 2-3 days. These workshops put the students in contact with local ones, they provide a training plus needed into de journey and, in some cases, can be valid as study credit in their home university.

Contact us and we will inform you.

Comments from our clients

Thank you for your workshop last week, we had a large group of 160 people and you did a great job with conceptualization, planning, logistics and then performing at the park in front of Sagrada Família creating those 3 models by groups under the Barcelona sun…. fantastic.. and thanks for the umbrellas!! The interior special visit to Sagrada Família combined excellently, congratulations to all 4 architect-guides.
You did a successful great job!

Workshop in Barcelona, Consultancy German Firm.