Bring out the best of your Company Seminar or teaching organism, even if it is your objective, the research and learning, professional actualization or a space to reflect.

By working together teachers and disciples, the last ones get trained in research or in the practice of any discipline.

In Artchitectours we help you with your Seminar’s organization, taking part of your company’s responsibility away. Our experience in events, conventions and architecture seminars will help your company to reach the suitable interaction between specialists and participants, favoring a stroonger deepening in the desired field.

Our contact with specialists from the architectonic, urbanistic and design sector as well as our experience working together can be a good contribution in case of need of a specialist to develop the seminar.

We would like to thank you for organizing our study trip. We had a great time. Nice guides, nice program and restaurants. We will gladly recommend you to other companies.

Now we are back in Norway working again.

Have a nice day.

SPIR Administrasjonssjef

SPIR Administrasjonssjef, Seminario MALAGA

I meant to write to you earlier but was just so busy with everything here! The feedback was great- from participants, the client and us! The session worked really well and was interesting. I also really liked our guide (group 1), she was very engaging. Having the last 5 minutes to ourselves at the end really made it special and the wrap up was also very good in that school-like setting. They talked about the experience even today! Thank you again and  we want to repeat with their 2nd group on Wednesday 10th- would it be possible?

Thanks, IESE continuous education

IESE continuous education, SEMINAR BARCELONA
Hi Nuria,

Thank you so much for the tour today. Absolutely fabulous! A tour is only as good as the guide and that tour was one of the highlights of the trip. The architecture might have helped a little bit 😉 but you brought it to life.

Gracias gracias gracias!