The time is from 2017 to 2019. This review always brings a sense of ritual. This unique shape resembles a lollipop. Located in Yunnan. The perfect Lollipop garden has a different story than other works. Redefines architecture. As a vehicle for teaching and cultural background of the school, six months after completing the initial design, the building began to be built in a place completely different from the original design environment.

The Haihua Eaton international kindergarten is located in Yunnan Province. The autonomous prefecture of Honghe Hani and Yi, Mengzi City, Shanghai Road, is located in the central part of Weinan city center. The project covers an area of ​​16 mu. The complex is centered around the city and is covered by the city. The project was completed at the end of 2018. After commissioning, the building effectively captures the local cultural identity and enjoys exceptional recognition.

The biggest difference between this kindergarten and other kindergartens is that all the inspiration in his project comes from the world of children’s art. The most important feature is the construction of the outer shape. The key is a baby carrier and the main body is also shaped like a lollipop. Like children’s paintings, add more to your child’s natural and fantasy. The external appearance also removes the strangeness and suspicion of children about school. By reducing the icy feeling of reinforced concrete, after constantly experiencing design, modification, regulation, control and repeated innovations, the designer gave his life a blow and created the most “familiar freshness”.

The color of the campus borrows the color of the sky’s gradient at dawn, from bottom to top, from deep to shallow, full of secrets and transforming an infinite atmosphere, color can bring children different feelings and emotions, while gradient color can give children more space of imagination, pure gradient color makes that the color is more vivid and delicate, not monotonous and will not burden the eyesight. Designers also try to create a poetic and artistic world, giving children a strange world. Let them experience, grow and feel the four seasons here.

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Source: archdaily

Pictures by Bowen Hou for archdaily