Anyone in need of a temporary desk during the coronavirus crisis can build one themselves, using this design by Danish startup Stykka.

Stykka has developed a simple flat-pack workstation that can be easily assembled out of three pieces of folded cardboard.

The designers call it the #StayTheFuckHome Desk, in reference to a social media hashtag that has been used to promote self-isolation.

You can order one online, to be delivered to your door. Or, if you have access to cardboard and a laser cutter, you can download the template and print it out yourself, as the design is open source.

“We want the design to benefit as many people as possible, which is why we have made the production files open-source and freely available for download under the creative commons license,” explained studio founder Jarl Vidnæs.

“We want to encourage people to work from home instead going to the office and risking spreading the virus.”

Vidnæs and his colleagues came up with the idea for the cardboard desk after Denmark announced a national lock-down, similar to those experienced in China, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Some of the team didn’t have sufficient desk space to work from home. They imagined many others were suffering the same problem, so developed a solution they could share.

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Source: Dezeen