Milan Design Week 2024 will be held from 15 to 21 April 2024 in the city of Milan. In keeping with tradition, the Salone del Mobile 2024 will kick off on Tuesday 16 April, welcoming attendees to the spaces of Rho Fiera Milano.

The main theme of Milan Design Week 2024 will be “Materia Natura”, a concept that encourages a thoughtful design culture by delving into the deep connection between these two fundamental words. Emphasising sustainability as a guiding principle and core value in creative and design processes, this theme invites a deep exploration of the interplay between “Materia” (matter) and “Natura” (nature).


The term “nature” serves as a poignant reminder of pressing contemporary issues, urging the promotion of projects geared towards increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. At the same time, the term “matter” engages in a natural dialogue with design, creative thinking and the aspiration to imagine infinite and plausible transformations.

Building on the thematic foundations of past editions of the Fuorisalone, such as “Forme dell’Abitare”, “Tra Spazio e Tempo” and “Laboratorio Futuro”, “Materia Natura” extends this trajectory, reinforcing the values of a conscious project culture. It goes a step further by broadening and deepening the vision, placing sustainability at the forefront as a guiding principle and essential virtue in the creative and design process.

The theme of Milan Design Week 2024 offers an important opportunity to explore and unveil the various dimensions in which nature can serve as a source of inspiration, design material and guiding force for a sustainable future.

Come to Milan with us to discover more about “matter and nature” in our Architectural Journey to the New Milan and the Salone del Mobile 2024 at Design Week.