Lamborghini, one of the best knownautomobile manufacturers in the world for its super car, which works tirelessly pushing the envelope and evolving thecompany’s corporate culture, creating a series of dream sports vehicles.Lamborghinihas overone hundred dealerships throughout the world, but only fee embodies a unique architectural design. Lamborghini exhibition centerin Zhengzhou China is Lamborghini’s third independent designed exhibition center globally, after Milano and Dubai, Designed by PMA (PolyMorphArchitects).

The concept design of the Lamborghini exhibition center is inspired by Lamborghini’s classic vehicle type iteration; The building emphasizes a strong visual and spatial momentum created through the form, a strong, dynamic, twisting volume which is a result of use of 60 degrees angles which draw a strongrelation to the surrounding site, creating a completely new type of architecturallandmark.

Selection of the site is a departure from Lamborghini’s usual strategy, located in acity centerlocation in a shop front which only offer limited options for how realization of the exhibition center space.Like an inverted triangle, the site for the new building is located near theairport highway at South Third Ring Road in the Zhengzhou New Zone adjacent to a 24-meter high existing building to the north with green park space located to the south, covering an area of less than 1000 m2. The biggest challenge of this project is how to mediate between these two conditions within limited space, combining the features of the site to create a building that can reflect Lamborghini’s corporate spirit and creating a truly exceptional design that is convincing to Lamborghini’s headquarter in Milan.

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Pictures by Zhi Xia for archdaily