Pool manufacturer Compass Pools has introduced a new concept for the world’s first infinity 360-degree pool. Designed for the roof of a skyscraper in London, the 600,000 litre pool would offer views of the city’s skyline from all sides. Called Infinity London, the project would be cast acrylic and will feature transparent sides and floors to allow visitors to see the swimmers in the pool.

As for the design of the pool itself, there will be no stairs outside the pool, but rather a spiral staircase that rotates and rises through the water to provide access for swimmers. As pool designer and technical director Alex Kemsley said:

“We face some great technical challenges for this project, the biggest of which is how to actually get into the pool. The solution is based on the door of a submarine, along with the rotation of a spiral staircase that rises from the pool floor when someone wants to enter or leave – that detail, along with the infinite edge of the pool and the design of the cover, form a project worthy of a James Bond film!”

The project will be built on top of a five-star hotel and will include an embedded anemometer to monitor wind speed. For its part, it would be connected to a computer-controlled building management system to regulate the pool and ensure that the water does not overstep the boundaries and invade the streets below. To further control the pool temperature, your water will be heated using the residual energy from the building’s air conditioning system.

The construction of the pool aims to begin in 2020 once the partners and contractors are confirmed.

Text and images: Plataforma Arquitectura