Cuadernos Rubio has just opened its first store in Valencia, a city that has been considered home for more than 60 years. And it has done it big, with an incredible store full of color and design thanks to the work of Masquespacio.

The Rubio store, located in the centre of Valencia, at 9 Sorní Street, has more than 200 square metres in which Masquespacio invites us to immerse ourselves in a different and interactive way in the universe of this firm.

The entrance to this retro-futurist store is spacious, framed by bright neon blue and yellow signs. And from there, visitors are guided inside by a large counter.

From there we can go to the writing area (here is a methacrylate board that visitors can use to improve their writing) and mathematics (attention to the rotating shelves that are transformed into slates for exercises), or reading books, without forgetting the workshop area.

Beyond the shop is the colour tunnel, in which a time machine shows us Rubio’s story. And from here, the most adventurous can move on to the projection room.

The cladding that we can see throughout the store is inspired by a sheet of iconic notebook with grids, collecting the essence of the signature.

Each of the publisher’s collections has its own corner, designed to encourage interaction with visitors at all times.

Source (text and pictures): Decoesfera