Renew to continue. To give a new life to an existing building, within its story and excellent location. The pre-existence was a state service, the tourism general offices. The project intended to provide the building with features of the current architecture. New materials, new spaces, new connections, thus creating new experiences for the newly established use, to inhabit.

Inhabiting the city center. Take advantage of the centrality, with the required privacy and retreat. Living in larger and connected spaces, full of light. We opened the building to the outer space. We extend it on balconies that increase the space of habitation, which thus also happens outdoors, in contact with the open air, a relic in the center of the city. Interior and exterior are in constant dialogue.

We worked the materiality according to its characteristics of comfort, robustness, and longevity. the minimalist interior contrasts while connects with the powerful exterior in thermo modified wood. A disused building gained a new life, and give new lives through its 15 apartments and 2 shops, connected by common leisure spaces, such as gardens, a gym, and a SPA. Wood is the hallmark of the building. A traditional and noble material, allied to the current technology, in the cladding of facades that will always be dynamic, different for each moment of the day and for each apartment.

The facade is dynamic, it has constant movement, which makes it a mutable, almost living building, that transcends its inner life to the exterior. The wood is applied in automated shutters, that while privatizing the interior spaces, increase the building´s energy efficiency. They limit or allow the interior solar incidence, depending on if it is summer or winter, what in a Mediterranean city like Lisbon has a great preponderance in thermal comfort.

Source: archdaily