Villa de mûrir is the flagship store of beauty curation brand mûrir at which customers can experience mûrir’s signature Beauty Pairing service. Collective B created an interior design that works as an effective brand communication touchpoint for millenials looking for a break from everyday routine at which they can explore their personal beauty.

The interior design concept for Villa de mûrir was inspired by keywords derived from the mûrir branding. ‘Overlap;’ Overlap was inspired by mûrir’s naming. The motive of blooming flowers and the growth process of fruits were expressed through layered walls and the curves of repeating patterns.

Free circles. The free circle, symbolizing mûrir’s respect for the diversity of beauty, was applied in various ways with ceiling objects, lighting pendants, and wallpaper patterns. For each space different materials were utilized to express the brand identity throughout the whole space. Color.

The color pink symbolizes the beauty of fruits and flowers in full bloom. Matching different usage scenarios, mûrir pink was used in three different tones. Baby pink was used in the Makeup Shop in order to reduce the effects of luminance. Peach pink was applied in the Beauty Select Shop to make the green mûrir products stand out as much as possible. The brightest of the three pink tones, coral pink, was used in the Cafe with its rich colors.

The experience Villa de mûrir provides exceeds that of a plain cosmetics retail store. The four programmatic sections distributed on two floors are arranged in a way that they can be seen at any time regardless of the customer journey through the space:

1. The Beauty Select Shop presents mûrir’s products as well as curated products by other brands. 2. The Makeup Shop offers five different makeup treatments developed by mûrir. 3. The Open Studio provides a production studio for beauty youtube content creators. 4. The Cafe is designed SNS savvy millennials in mind.

In the entrance area, the ceiling installation of mûrir free circle objects and leaf-shaped objects bridges the 15 meter long distance between the street and the actual retail space and stimulates curiosity about the beauty curation brand’s venue. After passing this entrance area, the Open Studio with transparent windows allows an insight into the creation process of makeup content.

The second floor consists of the Makeup Zone and the Cafe. The Makeup Zone feels like an extension from the public area and allows visitors to naturally feel connected to the makeup spaces, while automatic screens provide privacy at each station. Objects painted in gradual mûrir pink color tones are installed in between the makeup chairs so that customers can enjoy the makeup service treatment undisturbed.

The Cafe area features the strongest exhibition of mûrir pink applied to the walls. mûrir free circles  in various sizes and multi-colored furniture clearly communicate the brand message of “Lively Beauty” in a consistent manner.

Source: archdaily