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  • paris les batignolles
  • paris les batignolles
  • paris les batignolles
  • paris les batignolles
  • paris les batignolles

Languages available: EN ES FR

Customizable tour: Yes

Recommended group size per guide: 25

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Paris: Les Batignolles, how to build a new eco-district in Paris?

Originally, Les Batignolles was a small independent city until it was forcibly incorporated in Paris in 1860. Today the district has dramatically changed. This neighborhood in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, is known for its diverse architecture. The architectural styles in Batignolles vary, reflecting the neighborhood’s historical development and urban planning.

This walk offers you the chance to view the biggest eco-district in Paris and learn about sustainable construction methods. Also known as “ZAC Clichy-Batignolles,” is one of the city’s notable sustainability initiatives aimed at creating a more environmentally friendly and livable urban space.

The eco-district is built on old railroad tracks and many of its houses and office buildings are located around a large urban park. This is where energy production and reduction, waste recycling, preservation of heritage and quality of living reach the current sustainable standards. This walk will show you the best performing features and installations.

Then, we take the main park alley to get to the old Les Batignolles village. Today this district is a new place to be for hipsters who like to walk in the Haussmanian Les Batignolles Square or in the streets lined with refined boutiques.

The Batignolles Eco-District is part of a broader trend in many cities worldwide, focusing on sustainable urban development and eco-friendly living. It aims to create a more attractive, livable, and environmentally responsible urban space for its residents and visitors while setting an example for sustainable urban planning in the 21st century.