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  • london olympics

Languages available: EN ES FR PT

Minimum group size: 1

Maximum group size: 20

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – London: Post Olympics Architecture

Discover this city tour in London and visit the architecture from the Summer Olympic Games in 2012 with the company of one of our professional guide-architects.

The Olympic Games, celebrated in London in 2012 transformed the Lower Lea Valley zone, on the east side of the city. In the upcoming months, the “Legacy Corporation” will carry out a construction program called “Clear, Connect, Complete”. Among other things, it will connect the park with highways and roads and will complete the green zones in order to leave a legacy for London.

Since the closing ceremony, the temporary installations necessary for the Olympic Games have been removed, including the Riverbank Arena and the cover of the Olympic Stadium. The work has begun and the park is expected to reopen in the spring of 2014. The cycle track has been transformed for public use, uniting cycling enthusiasts. The Aquatic Center by Zaha Hadid will undergo renovations, which will be converted it into an entertainment center. The interior of the “Copper Box” used for handball will also be renovated.

On the tour, we will visit an area that has continued to change over the last 20 years, the time expected for the complete transformation of the zone. It will be very interesting to be able to see this process, to understand what the Olympic Games have meant to the people of London and get a feeling for what they will mean in the future.

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