British-Israeli designer and architect Ron Arad has completed an office tower in Tel Aviv “inspired by an iceberg” with an angular glass exterior that widens in the middle.

Located in the Israeli city’s Nahalat Yitsak neighbourhood, the ToHA tower comprises 28 floors that step out towards the middle of the building, and then back inwards before the rooftop.

“The building itself was inspired by an iceberg,” Arad told Dezeen.

“The idea was to have minimal contact at the floor to create the smallest footprint ever, which meant the building had to grow towards the centre.”

ToHA is elevated on three legs that support the building above an outdoor plaza on the ground floor.

“There was a desire to touch the earth with the smallest footprint so we could create a new park in the city even though there was no land for a park,” said Arad.

Arad, who worked with local architect Avner Yashar of Yashar Architects on the project, has placed technical plant areas at the base, rather than on the roof so that this space can be used as a rooftop terrace.

The exterior of these lower levels is clad in Dekton, a man-made stone-like material by Spanish brand Cosentino.

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Source: Dezeen

Pictures courtesy of Ron Arad Architects for Dezeen