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Panamá City

The city of the Channel

It could be said that Panama City exists by and for the canal. Casco Viejo is Spanish colonial style and also hasFrench and West Indianbuildings from the time of theconstruction of the Panama Canal. Beyond the old town the modern parts of the city are characterized by areas of skyscrapers that form the dense city skyline. Thisis a place where you can see buildings of the sixteenth century next totall glass towers.

But undoubtedly the most striking thing of Panama City is one of the most colosal engineering works of the twentieth century and also the 21st century with the pharaonic expansion of thePanama Canal premiered in 2016. This work goes from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic crossing the isthmus, it dominates all the economic activity of the city and is a unique spectacle that no one visiting the capital shouldlost. Panama City is a culturally divers ecosmo politancity and this is reflected in its varied architecture.

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