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Modernism and modernity on the banks of Ljubljana

Ljubljana is undoubtedly a small city with a lot of charm shaped by the two earthquakes that conditioned its architecture. The Baroque of its oldest buildings that survived the earthquake of 1895 coexists in its historical center with the buildings of Secessionstyle of Vienna.

The modern and contemporary architecture of Ljubljana would not be the same without the Faculty of Architecture founded in 1919 by important architects such as JožePlečnik who designed the Triple Bridge and the National and University Library of Slovenia and EdvardRavnikar wholed a generation of Slovenian architects with its particularly FinnishScandinavian style influenced by Alvar Alto whose notable creations in the city include the RepublicSquare, the Cankar Hall, the department stores Maximarket and the Museum of Modern Art. TodayLjubljana has many buildings of modern and contemporarystyle, such as the Dunajka Cesta or the Vojkovaulica, among many others, that form the modern landscape of a city that will surprise the lover of architecture of all times.

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