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DESCRIPTION- Seville: Contemporary Architecture I. Dialogues with the Past

Hybrid Practices, Updated Traditions

Ones of the most appealing topics we can explore in Sevilla are those related with interventions on pre-existing built environments. The dialogue with the past, the face to face confrontation between the new and the old, much dissolved in our daily practice. We describe here some key examples.

Equally loved and contested, visiting Metropol Parasol (Jurgen Mayer, 2011) together with the Antiquarium (Felipe Palomino, 2011) is a key experience that will drive you at the center of the state of the art. A unique operation that let us walk on the city roofs.

The Contemporary Art Space in the former convent of Madre de Dios, belonging to Sevilla University and designed by young office Sol 89 is another unavoidable stop. The intervention is projected like a variable and reversible space showing the textures of the bricks and the wounds caused by centuries, revealing what is truly valuable in a patrimonial sense: the matter, space and light, rather than styles or decorations. This work was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Prize in 2015.

The rehabilitation of San Telmo Palace occupies a prominent position, by Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra.  The project offers an intervention that encompasses the totality of the building, a complex process of summation and superimposition, of acts of restoration, rehabilitation, reconstruction and new construction.

The Triana Ceramic Centre (2014) by AF6 Architects, is the result of a historical process where the inner space colonization is not based on the shape, but on the resolution of the arisen needs: manufacture, expand, host, store, modernise. There is no facade. The complex is meant to be a gift to be discovered once one gets into it.

Discover this guided visit in Seville and enjoy its contemporary architecture! Our tours are focused on architecture and urbanism and they are perfect for architecture lovers, experts and professionals as well as groups and student trips.

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