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  • salford quays manchester
  • salford quays manchester
  • salford quays manchester

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Customizable tour: Yes

Recommended group size per guide: 25

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Manchester: Salford Quays

Manchester is a city of contrasts and a mix of different constructive eras. Today, the new Manchester continues to be a city in the process of reconfiguration, which we can see on our tours guided by an architect. The old docks of Salford (Salford Quays), satellite port city, are being transformed and are an interesting place to visit as an example of new urban challenges.

Daniel Libeskind built the Imperial World Museum on the edge of one of these old docks. The Polish-American architect has designed a building, which is almost like a sculpture with its curving tower along the lines of the latest museums of the world, where the image of the building is of equal or greater importance as the objects inside it. The pavilions, which represent water, earth and air, are interconnected with the exhibition rooms, restaurants and performance space.

Michael Wilford is the architect of the Lowry, a cultural center, and place where performances, art and other activities take place. The objective is to give new life to an abandoned port zone and turn it into a reference point with an urban focus. It is located at the end of a navigable canal in a new public plaza in a triangular shape. Of course, we cannot forget a quick look at the exterior of the mythical Manchester United Stadium, Old Trafford, which continues to be the most famous building in the zone.

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Dear Fernanda,

The tour was very good, interesting. The weather was fine, a bit cold, but sunny. Bob is a vivid guide, who knows a lot (of the history) of Manchester. The radio sets were a great help.

Best regards,

Carolienten Bruggencate

Carolienten Bruggencate,