Project Description


Languages available: EN FR

Customizable tour: Yes

Recommended group size per guide: 25

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Bordeaux: from south to north: the best of architecture in Bordeaux

Lots of iconic buildings along the tram

The redevelopment of the tram network was one of the first signs of Bordeaux renewal by the end of the 90s. So take advantage of it! Hop on and off from tram C line and discover, as you stop, the most emblematic contemporary architecture of the city, from residential buildings to sports facilities. From south to north, this route will offer you a transversal view of contemporary Bordeaux.

The journey will begin in the south, from Terres-Neuves with military barracks and buildings by LAN or Xaveer de Geyter. It will then take us to the heart of the Euratlantique district which development is linked to Saint-Jean train station and  which displays a large range of contemporary architecture. After exploring the issues and main directions of this (major) project, it will be time to go see the BIG’s MECA iconic building before reaching the train station.

During a stop at the centrally located Water Mirror, the second part of the visit will focus on the requalification of the quays of the Garonne River, which plan were designed by Michel Corajoud and are based on deep urban redevelopment and strong public spaces. It will continue with a stop at the Grand Parc, a large ensemble listed within the UNESCO perimeter for its programmatic qualities and its capacity for transformation. This is also home to the GHI housing block, where local architects Lacaton and Vassal renovated in one go more than 500 social housing units on an occupied site…

Finally, heading north, tram C will provide access to one of the city’s major sports facilities: the Matmut Atlantique stadium, built by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron in 2015. Placed near the Parc de Bordeaux, able to accommodate more than 40,000 people, is another of the city’s icons.