Project Description


  • Zacatecas Monterrey
  • Zacatecas Monterrey
  • Zacatecas Monterrey
  • Zacatecas Monterrey

Languages available: EN ES

Minimum group size: 4

Maximum group size: 20

Duration: 5 days

DESCRIPTION – North Mexico: Zacatecas + Monterrey

A tour designed to know the deepest roots of Mexican culture, the most typical meals of the north and the country, the strong economy that demands new architecture, new uses, and new suggestions. Zacatecas and Monterrey, a perfect blend of history and modernity.

Day 1: Museums of Zacatecas. We will visit the museums, walking in the paved streets of the city : Museum of Abstract Art, Pedro Coronel Museum.

Day 2: Hotels and Mines of Zacatecas. We will visit the most picturesque hotels of the city, then we will enter the depths of the earth in the Mine “Eden”, to know the legends and secrets, that guard this city.

Day 3: Monterrey. We will leave very early in the city of Monterrey by bus (5 hours). We will visit the Macroplaza Intervención urbana from Paseo Santa Lucía.

Day 4: We will visit the Center Roberto Garza Sada of Art, Architecture and Design from japanese architect Tadao Ando, ​​and after the MARCO Museum of the architect Ricardo Legorreta.

Day 5: Monterrey – Zacatecas. We will visit Fundidora Park, the historical motor of the city. We will have a special visit of “Cerro de la Silla”, then we will return to the city of Zacatecas. End of the trip.