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  • Vienna - Ring Road of the Proletariat_Copyright_Wikimedia
  • Vienna - Ring Road of the Proletariat_Copyright_Wikimedia

Languages available: EN GER

Customizable tour: Yes

Recommended group size per guide: 25

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Vienna – Ring Road of the Proletariat

The historical, prestigious buildings along Vienna’s ring road were built amongst others by Bohemian immigrants, who lived and worked in Vienna under catastrophic conditions. At that time, many workers were so-called “shift-sleepers”, meaning they only had a bed in an apartment which they could use only at certain times. The “Red Vienna“, that means the social-democratic city government, built more than 380 municipal residential buildings between 1919 and 1933 to improve the dramatic housing shortage and the miserable living situation.  The greatest amount of municipal buildings can be found along the Margaretengürtel, which is named “Ring Road of the Proletariat” as a counterpoint to the magnificent palaces on the original ring road.

Discover this guided visit with one of our arhcitects in Vienna. The itinerary goes through the first Viennese residential building after the First World War, the Metzleinstaler Hof, as well as Reumannhof, Matteottihof and Herweghhof.

Our architecture tailor made tours and design guided visits are carefully planned in order to adapt to each group in particular: from the appropriate architecture guide assignment until the rest breaks, the type of transportation, etc. Plan your visit to Vienna with us! An expert architect guide will show around the amazing city of Vienna, capital of Austria.

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