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  • Valencia Center
  • Valencia Center
  • Valencia Center
  • Valencia Center
  • Valencia Center

Languages available: EN ES FR PT

Minimum group size: 1

Maximum group size: 20

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Valencia: City Center

Valencia is situated on the banks of the Turia river and its historic centre is one of the largest in Spain, with heritage of ancient monuments that we will visit in the guide tour by an architect.

Some of the main buildings in the tour are the town hall, the telegraph building, Luis Vives High School, Valencia northern railway station (1906) and the must-see Central Market. Also the Colon Market, the Merchants Silk Market (XV century, 2002-2009) and the round square. Some others are Santa Catalina Church, Marqueses de Dos Aguas Palace (1740), San Juan del Hospital Church and Santa María Metropolitan Cathedral and the Church of our Lady of the Helpless (1653).

Important points of the tour are the Serranos gate (XIV century), the Museum of Illustration and Modernity (MUVIM) by Vázquez Consuegra (1997-2001), L´Almoina Archaeological Center (2007), residential building at viana street by Frédéric Floquet and Mónica García and residential building between Moret street and Padre Huérfanos street by Campos and Ranchal.

Discover this guided tour in the center on Valencia, the third largest city in Spain. Our tours are focused on architecture and urbanism and they are perfect for architecture lovers, experts and professionals as well as groups and student trips. Enjoy with Artchitectours guided visits around the world, made by professional guide-architects who will come along with us throughout the itinerary.

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