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Architecture open to the Mediterranean

Marseille is the capital of the Côte d’Azur open to the sea through which countless civilizations have passed since the antiquity. The weight of history is breathed every step of the way in the center of the city in the iconic neighborhood of le Panier where the first Greek colony of Massalia has been established for more than 2500 years, which today is in the process of rehabilitation in the Ambitious Euroméditerranée project.

This process of renovation of the city comes from afar because architects like Le Corbusier with its famous Unité d’Habitation began to think a face for the city that is culminating today with a real explosion of contemporary architecture, especially in the Seafront and harbor. The ultramodern set of Rudy Ricciotti’s MuCEM, the Musée Regards de Provence and Villa Mediterranée by Stefano Boeri are an emblematic example of the process of change in which this city is plunged. Today more than ever is an ideal time to visit Marseille and appreciate its change of architecture first hand.

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Yes everything was great. Pia was very friendly and she answered all our questions and she has done it very well. We had a good time with her.
I will you recommend, if ever somebody ask me for some tours through a city.
Thank you. I wish you a good time

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Pascale , Architecture Italy


The day was fantastic!! Marie was the perfect guide. We got along super well and speak the same language. Thank you again architectours!


Deborah, From Los Angeles