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The ancient Mayan city

In the region of the Riviera Maya, in Mexico, is situated Tulum. Although its climate and paradisiacal beaches are the great tourist attraction of the area, we also find the ruins of Tulum, the ancient Mayan city. It is a fortified settlement on the shores of the Caribbean Sea with a late postclassic architecture from the 13th century to the late 15th century, with a clear influence of Chichen Itzá. Its archaeological patrimony is centered in three great constructions: the Castle, main building that is reached by a staircase, the Temple of the Frescos, which is the most interesting building archaeologically speaking, since it still preserves in its interior frescoes and paintings, and The Palace, which was undoubtedly the largest residential building of the ancient city.

As for contemporary architecture, we can highlight two private residences: the T House of Studio Architects and the House Xixim by Specht Harpman. Both have the perfect combination of light and the relationship of the exterior with the interior.

We offer tours and guided tours oriented to the design, urbanism and architecture in Tulum and surroundings. All our guides are professional architects, who prepare tailor-made architectural itineraries.


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