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An architecture with a lot of history

St. Petersburg is the second most populated city of the Russian Federation, founded by Tsar Peter the Great in May 1703 and center of the rebellion when the Russian Revolution broke out. Nowadays, is an imperial city planned and built by great European architects. In the historical center of the city, considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1990, we find a spectacular religious architecture, with brilliant orthodox domes, famous throughout the world, as well as buildings representing Stalinist and modernist architecture.

Although not as well known, in St. Petersburg we can also find buildings of contemporary architecture, starting with the new Pulkovo airport terminal, planned by Grimshaw architects. We can also see the Yandex Office II building (for za bor architects) and the Lakhta Center, still under construction. The city, therefore, is a magnificent urban center for lovers of art, history and culture, which blend into New Holland Island, reopened to the public after many years thanks to the new project developed by WORKac.

Choose from one of our tours in St. Petersburg for design, urban planning and architecture, perfect for architecture lovers, experts and professionals but also for groups and student trips or ask one of our architects to prepare a custom itinerary for your visit to St. Petersburg. All our guides are professional architects.

Enjoy with Artchitectours guided tours around the world, accompanied by one of our professional architects-guides who will be with you throughout the route. Our itineraries, personalized tours and guided tours of architecture and design are meticulously planned to adapt to each group in particular, from the assignment of the appropriate architect-guide, to the rest stops, the type of transport, and more.


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