Project Description


Modernization and creativity

To the northwest of Mexico we find Monterrey, a city with a great history and culture, full of public spaces and a high level architecture. Although in the historical center of the city we find representations of European architectures, the city had a rapid modernization that ended almost definitively with the colonial architecture and it filled of buildings of XIX century and principles of XX century.

As for contemporary architecture we can highlight the MARCO Museum of Ricardo Legorreta, the Center of Ideas and Expressions of Tadao Ando, the Magma Towers of GLR architects and O Dos Vasconcelos (Hotel Habita) of Landa Arquitectos. As innovative and creative projects, we must highlight the Church in Pueblo Serena by Moneo Brock Studio, the Conarte de Anagrama Library and the Prepa Usp Udem by Garza Camisay architects.

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