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Architectural heritage from antiquity to modernity

Discover our architecture tours in Lyon. We offer guided visits in this city by one of our local architects. Lyon is a city with much more human charm far from the grandeur of the French capital. The historic center of Lyon was named World Heritage by its Roman district, the hill of the Fourvière, the Renaissance district, the one of Silk and the district of Presqu’île with constructions that go from century XII until the modernity.

But it should not be forgotten that Lyon is mainly a modern villa that changed much from the nineteenth century with industrialization in which you can also find modern and contemporary works such as the monastery of Sainte Marie de La Tourette de Le Corbusier, the train station Saint-Exupéry of Santiago Calatrava, the Congress Palace designed by Renzo Piano and others. It is well worth visiting the beautiful city of Lyon to appreciate all the variations of its architecture and its rich heritage.

Choose from one of our tours oriented to design, urban planning and architecture, or ask one of our architects to prepare a customized itinerary. All our guides are professional architects.


Comments from our clients


Was great, the team really liked the visit to the O.L. Lyon Stadium.

So to do it again!

So maybe see you soon !


Roofing, Insulation, and Composite Materials Company from Ohio, USA


Hi Jordi,

Sorry for the delay in response. The trip with David and the lunch went very well, thank you for organising it.

We have a couple of reviews from people:

Neil: “Very well informed tour guide, enthusiastic and passionate.  He balanced detailed information with a good overview of strategic context. Engaging, and kept the tour entertaining. Wasn’t bored at any point. He had a good feel for the pace of the group, didn’t make you feel hurried but kept the tour progressing well. Big thumbs up from me! “

Evelyn: “Really enjoyed the tour and appreciated the in-depth knowledge that David had to share on the Confluence project. The headsets worked really well so that we could explore and listen at the same time.”

Mike: “All very positive from me really, very knowledgeable guy and an interesting route through a new part of the city. My only negative comment is that we probably spent a bit too long around the model, 30 minutes would have been fine, an hour was too much! I think that half hour would have been better used outside.”

Francis: “I really liked David’s tour if I had any suggestions for David they would be to not worry about telling us everything, focus less on details of specific buildings and focus more on talking about his own experiences of the development process and those involved because that was really interesting.”

Francis also asked for David’s email address to send him some photos?

Best Regards,

Danielle Leigh

Danielle , Planning and Urban Design Company, U.K

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