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Exotic Skyline

Kuala Lumpur imposes with its iconic skyline dominated by the Petronas Towers. But, above all, it surprises with its interesting mixture of colonial, Asian, Islamic, Malay, modern and contemporary influences. Kuala Lumpur is a relatively youngcity shaped by the economic boom of the 1970s and 90s, whichisclear. Dominate constructions like Kuala Lumpur Tower orthewell-known Petronas Towers that during some years were the highest buildings of the world and many other high buildings.

But beyond the towers and glass buildings, Kuala Lumpur also has a characteristic Islamicflavor in its modern post-independencearchitecture with Islamic geometricmotifs integrated into its designs such as Menara Telekom, Menara Maybank, DayabumiComplex and TheIslamic Center. Even the Petronas Towers also followthischaracteristicstyle. In short, Kuala Lumpur is a citywith a unique and interesting architectural style that will appeal toallthoseinterested in contemporary architecture with an exotic touch.

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