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The historical heritage of Poland concentrated in the same place

Developed for many centuries, Krakow is a perfect showcase for many historical styles of European architecture. The city was built successively from the historical nucleus to outwards and survived much of the destruction of the two world wars, which has made its historical heritage retained quite intact.

The historic center has several world heritage monuments such as the Old Town, Kazimierz and Wawel Castle, among others. Krakow has many examples of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture with its colorful palaces, churches, theaters and mansions. However Krakow has also entered the trends of modern and contemporary architecture, to begin with Soviet architecture and post-independence postmodern architecture such as Pawilon Wyspiański 2000, among others. Krakow falls in love with its inexhaustible historical architectural heritage, a real gem that no one should miss.

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