Project Description


The City on the Java Island

The city of Jakarta, with a population of more than 9 million, is the capital of Indonesia, a country located in the Java Island, bordered by the Indian Ocean on the south and the Java Sea on the north.

Jakarta is a large and developing city. Since the era of this new governor, Jakarta has been very beautiful and organized. Indonesia consists of thousands of islands with a diversity of history, language, culture, and architecture. Similarly, the natural scenery and buildings that can be visited scattered on various islands and have their own respective beauty.

Jakarta itself has many interesting places and buildings to visit. It seems that Jakarta’s architecture can be divided into two categories: downtown and the old city of Jakarta (Old Batavia). Here we can see an exciting comparison of the old city of Jakarta and the present with the tall skyscrapers and modern architecture.

Our guides in Jakarta will create the best program for you and your group so you can enjoy the expertise of our architects and this amazing city in Indonesia!