Project Description


New projects in a big city

Located in western Mexico is Guadalajara, a very cosmopolitan center that is a great financial and industrial power of the country. In the city we find colonial buildings in a mixture of styles represented in religious and civil architecture.

In the historical center of the city we find mainly large buildings of neoclassical architecture surrounded by large open spaces. As far as contemporary architecture is concerned, Guadalajara is home to innovative projects such as the Cube 2 Office Tower and the Rio Blanco Pavilion (both of the Carme Pinós Study), the Taleny School of Aro Estudio, the Mar Marmara building 2094 of C3 Architects and the Casa Gleason de Trama Building Architects among many others. As for contemporary architecture oriented to private uses we can highlight the Casa Acolhúas of SPRB architects.

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