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Cradle of the Renaissance

Florence was the gateway to the Renaissance in Italy, and many of the most prominent artists of the movement used the city to give free rein to their ideas. As a result, today Florence has one of the most valuable and picturesque heritages in all of Europe.

To speak of architecture in Florence is synonymous with the Renaissance, and Brunelleschi is the greatest representative of this movement in the city. The architect was the first to incorporate some of the most characteristic features of the Renaissance into his works and, to understand the origins of this movement, one must look at the Church of San Lorenzo and the Pazzi Chapel, two buildings by Brunelleschi considered to be the first Renaissance buildings in Florence. Another of his works that brilliantly represents the style is the Basilica del Santo Spirito, located in the Oltrarno district and built using the architect’s plans after his death. But if there is one work for which Brunelleschi will always be remembered, it is the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore. Against all odds, the Italian architect managed to solve the architectural problem that the cathedral had, and gave life to one of the most famous domes in Italy. Beyond these constructions, Brunelleschi left his mark on Renaissance Florence in other places such as the Ospedale degli Innocenti, an orphanage with the façade, porticoes and galleries typical of the Renaissance.

Another of the most influential artists in the city of Florence during the Renaissance was Michelangelo. The New Sacristy of the Church of San Lorenzo is considered his greatest work, ordered to house the tombs of the Medici family.

Beyond the works of these two geniuses, the architecture of Florence hides a large number of buildings typical of the Renaissance.  Discover Florence with one of our private tours!