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Modernism at the shores of the Danube

Budapest, capital of Hungary, is a city through which all kinds of cultures and civilizations have passed, and this can be seen in its great cultural and architectural wealth. Divided by the river Danube, its historic districts of Buda and Pest have a great tourist attraction with several World Heritage sites such as Buda Castle, AndrássyAvenue, HeroesSquare and the Metropolitan Millennium.

But Budapest is also very famous for its modernist architecture inspired by traditional Hungarian architecture, transilvanas, Indian and Persian traditions. Among the most representative buildings are the Thonet House, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Lindenbaum House, the Geology Institute, the Postal Savings Bank, the Cifra Palace and many others. Architects like Ödön Lechner or Sándor Baumgarten left their in delible mark with their Jugendstil in the Hungarian capital. But the city also boasts a remarkable assortment of contemporary architecture buildings such as the Palace of Arts, the Millenaris Park cultural center, the Lanchid 19 Hotel and the Holocaust Memorial Center. All this makes Budapest an essential destination both for those interested in modernism and contemporary architecture.

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