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From pagodas to skyscrapers

Check out our offer of architecture tours in Bangkok which include the preparation of the tour guided by a specialised architect and the necessary documentation for your route.

Called KrungThep (“the city of angels”) by the Thais, and with its temples and palaces, Bangkok is a city with a wealth of traditional architecture, full of details and pagodas that rise trying to reach the sky, which coexists in a perfect harmony with the modernity of the great sky scrapers of the city.

Bangkok is a city in constant transformation and growth that is being constituted step by step like a contemporary city with great works like the Street Ratchada and the Now 26 of Architectkidd. We can say that the most out standing constructions in terms of contemporary architecture are the MahaNakhon Tower of Ole Scheeren, which extends to the highest heights making it the highest in the country, and the Suvarna bhumi Airport of Jahn, first impression of foreigners upon arriving at the city. Bangkok, the capital and most populous city in Thailand, is in constant transformation and growth and you will be able to discover the architecture that it offers with spectacular skyscrapers and buildings.

Choose from one of our tours in Bangkok oriented to design, urban planning and architecture in Barcelona, ​​or request that one of our architects prepare a customized itinerary. All our guides are professional architects, who will be happy to prepare your tailor made itinerary. From Artchitectours we can organize your private tour to Bangkok, ​​study trip or incentive trip as well.


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