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Languages available: EN ES IT

Customizable tour: Yes

Recommended group size per guide: 20

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Bogotá: National University and Salmona.

Though the growth of Bogotá was originally on south-north axis, it appears in 1938 a new urban tension towards west, due to design and development of the new National University campus. Our tour explores this area which due to constant expansion of the city  is now a days its geographical center and which has some examples of outstanding architecture that we’ll visit.

Our tour begins with exterior and interior visit to Virgilio Barco Library (2001) one of the five mega-libraries of the city, designed by Rogelio Salmona in a border of the main green lung of the city, the Simón Bolívar Park.

Then we move on private transport to National University, which was one of the first in Latin América to adopt the Campus concept for a university; lodging a panoramic view of Colombian architecture´s evolution between 1940 and today.  In the pedestrian tour through the campus   we´ll see how german architects reliable of the first designs, left buildings that make evident the influence of Bauhaus movement such as Engineering School (Rother and Violi) and today´s Architecture Museum (Rother, 1948) originally designed for the University´s printing house.

Visiting Sociology School and Human Sciences Graduated Building, designed by Salmona in 1999, we´ll see how were introduced the use of brick and more organic forms for the buildings, in search of an own identity for Colombian architecture.   Finally, we´ll see definitely contemporary  buildings as Science and Technology Building (2010) and the recent Infirmary School, designed by Leonardo Álvarez in 2016.

The tour ends taking again our transport toward the near Agora Convention Center (Herrera &Ávalos and Bermúdez), awarded with the first price in the recent Bienal of Architecture of 2018.

So guided by one of our architects, you’ll discover some outstanding buildings for culture, amusement, business and educational uses of one of the most dynamic capital cities of Latin América.

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