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  • salvador architectural contrast
  • salvador architectural contrast
  • salvador architectural contrast

Languages available: EN ES PT

Customizable tour: Yes

Recommended group size per guide: 25

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Salvador: Architecture contrast

The one which be the first capital of Brazil is enchanting not only for its natural beauties, music and cuisine of African influence, but also for its architecture. Perhaps because of this historical issue, its image is confused with the “image of Brazil” itself.

Salvador is home to a mixture of African and European cultures, which can be seen in their Baroque churches, African shrines, religious syncretism, gastronomy, music and festivities.

Discover the Pelourinho, its colored houses, the elevator Lacerda, without forgetting interesting modern and contemporary buildings. We will do a presentation in which you can get an overview of the city and / or know specific works of the modernism.

Discover the architectural contrast from Salvador (Bahia, Brazil) with this guided visit. Our tours are focused on architecture and they are perfect for architecture lovers, experts and professionals as well as groups and student trips. Enjoy with Artchitectours guided visits around the world, made by professional guide-architects who will come along with us throughout the itinerary.