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  • Rotterdam Docks
  • Rotterdam Docks

Languages available: DU EN ES

Minimum group size: 1

Maximum group size: 20

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Rotterdam: The reconversion of the docks

Rotterdam has always been linked to the sea, and its strategic location at the confluence of the Meuse and the Rhine is based as an expedition center since the opening of the canal. The port of Rotterdam, one of the largest in the world and the largest in Europe, has had various locations, from downtown Kop Van Zuid on the south bank of the river. This area fell into Sesuso until about thirty years ago, it was decided to turn it into a new neighborhood for the city.

There is another port area, which we will reach by water taxi, Muller and Lloydpier, which welcomes new projects. In Lloydpier, we find buildings of very different types and at Mullerpier, the residential areas stand out.

During the course of the architect, you can learn about buildings like the Luxor Bolles & Wilson Theater, the Cruise Terminal, Van den Broek at Bakema, the Montevideo Mecanoo Tower or New Orleans Alvaro Siza. Also, you can see Apple Jan’s network of Bouvrie KCAP, Spido Ticket Bureau United Nations or Schiecentrale (last phase of Mei Architecten in Stenbouwers). We will see the shipping and transport College Riediij Architecten Neutelings, 2nd Katendrechtse Haven from DKV Arkitecten or old warehouses converted into houses and the Jobsveem mall (Mei Architecten + Wessel de Jonge).

Enjoy this guided visit in Rotterdam and you will discover the reconversion of its docks, a different way to discover Rotterdam. Our tours are focused on architecture and urbanism and they are perfect for architecture lovers, experts and professionals as well as groups and student trips. Enjoy with Artchitectours guided visits around the world, made by professional guide-architects who will come along with us throughout the itinerary.

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