Project Description


  • mexican contemporary architecture
  • mexican contemporary architecture
  • mexican contemporary architecture
  • mexican contemporary architecture
  • mexican contemporary architecture

Languages available: EN ES

Customizable tour: Yes

Recommended group size per guide: 25

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Mexico City: Mexican Contemporary Architecture

In this tour through Mexico City you will be able to discover the mexican contemporary architecture with the most famous buildings from local architects. This kind of architecture mixes with the history of the Aztec Empire in the country and creates a perfect harmony between the two styles.

Visiting the city of the palaces and the great Aztec Empire will always take us to a Mexico full of history, customs, flavors and smells that define this country. But there is also the current Mexico, the contemporary Mexico full of proposals, of contemporary spaces for the junction with art, with the playful activities, with the architecture itself.

This guided tour by an architect will take us through the latest works where the best architects from Mexico and the world have left their mark, a Mexico full of topicality. Through a dynamic, playful but also educational tour, we will visit La Ciudadela, by the architects Abraham Zabludovsky, Isacc Broid, Alejandro Sánchez García and Bernardo Gómez Pimienta among many others.

We will also see the José Vasconcelos Library by Alberto Kalach, the General Archive of the Nation by Alejandro Sánchez García, the Memory and Tolerance Museum of Arditti Architects, the Jumex Foundation Museum by David Chipperfield, the Soumaya Museum by Fernando Romero, the Telcel Theater of the architects Antón García Abril and José de Arimatea Moyao and the ToriTori Restaurant of Rojkind Arquitectos.

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