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  • Lyon New Housing Projects
  • Lyon New Housing Projects
  • Lyon New Housing Projects
  • Lyon New Housing Projects

Languages available: EN FR

Customizable tour: Yes

Recommended group size per guide: 25

Duration: 4-8 hours

DESCRIPTION – Lyon: New Housing Projects

Lyon is the 10th largest Metropolitan area in Europe, the 2nd  economic metropole in France after Paris, the 1st university metropole and 1st industrial metropole  in France. Thus Lyon is rapidly expanding economically and demogaphically.  The Urban Planning Agency has created Local Agencies in its most dynamique poles : The Confluence, The Part-Dieu, The Silk Square (Carrée de Soie),  and Gerland.

Many competitions, public and private, coordinated by the Lyon Metropolitan Planning Agency are judged and controlled by the city’s Architectural Consultants.  This methodology results in a high quality of architectural production in Lyon. Your guide, who was chosen to design the first building of the prestigious Confluence Project and who designed three  1st prize national architectural projects and a 1st Prize national Planning  project will aide you to understand the projects with plans and « making of » anecdotes given to him by his fellow collegues and his clients.

We shall begin our visit with the Planning Agency of the Confluence Project, one of the most ambitious projects in Europe . We shall visit the latest housing projects at the Confluence : the tower of Jean NOUVEL, the tower by HERZOG and DEMEURON, the three remarquable projects by the Mexicain Architect Tatiana BILBAO, and the project by DIENER and DIENER.

At the entrance to the Canal and Leisure Port we shall discover two buildings by de Kengo Kuma which were the first European Energy Positive Project mixing Housing and Offices . We shall pass through the « Monolith » by MRVDV, ECDM, and Manuelle Gautrand.

From the « Monolith » we shall cross over to « Lyon Islands » with projects by Massimiliano FUKSAS, Clément VERGELY (Equerre d’Argent),  Tonia CONCKA, conceived around and elevated garden by Michel Devignes opening upon the Soane river valley by Georges Decombes, Landscape Architectes.  Next we will continue through several urban squares surrounded by projects by VERA et BARRAND, ECDM,  AFAA, Gaetan LE PENHUEL and « Z » Architects.

The tour can be extended (8h) with more visits to new housing projects:

We shall leave by Trameway to visit a major urban housing renovation project around the Pierre Mendès Square, Avenue Berthelot. We shall discover projects by Eric LAPIERRE (l’Equerre d’Argent 2018), Yves LION,  TECHNE, Clément VERGELY,  as well as several other fantastic projects who have recenly been terminated.

By tramway we shall pass through the United States Project by TONY GARNIER, the famous architect of Lyon in the 1930’s. Wall Murals depict his visionary projects.  We shall see also the the wood structured Covered Market by the regretted Françoise JORDA.

We shall end our visit with several projects of the the Mermoz/Bertholot Renovation, including two buildings by TECTONIQUES Architectes for which they won the 1st National Housing Prize of 2019.

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