Project Description


Languages available: EN SPA FR JP

Customizable tour: Yes

Recommended group size per guide: 25

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Kyoto: Discovering Higashiyama

In this architecture tour we’ll walk around Higashiyama district, one of the few areas that are preserved as they were in the past, not only in this city, but in all of Japan. With its narrow cobblestone streets, centuries-old temples and lush gardens hidden behind wooden walls, Higashiyama invites you to explore its serene charm.

Walking through Higashiyama, the traveler marvels at traditional Japanese architecture, with its elegant wooden houses, old stores and cozy cafes. In this area we’ll see some temples such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is especially famous for offering beautiful views of the city from a beautiful wooden platform immersed in the vegetation surrounding the group of buildings. This temple has more than 1200 years of history.

Next we’ll see Nene-no-Michi (The Path of Nene) and Kodai-ji Temple, a Zen Buddhist temple founded in 1605. Hideyoshi’s bereaved wife, Kita no Mandokoro, better known by her nickname, Nene, had it built in memory of her late husband, the warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi who was a crucial figure in the unification of Japan.

The huge gate of Chion-in Temple, the largest of its kind in Japan, is an incredible sight. The temple also has Japan’s largest bell on its grounds, weighing 74 tons.

The Shoren-in Temple is famous for its statuary, as well as for its place in Japanese history. Shoren-in Temple protected the Honen and Shinran priests, who were the developers of new Buddhist sects in the 13th century.

We will walk through Ninen-zaka & Sannen-zaka Streets; here you will find souvenir stores and kiyomizu-ware pottery, as well as cafes and tea shops where you can enjoy an authentic Japanese green tea, a snack or a traditional pickle. As well as restaurants of all kinds, especially Japanese food.

Finally we’ll see Yasaka Shrine, a 7th century Shinto shrine located at the end of Shijō Street in Kyoto.