Project Description


Languages available: EN ES FR PT

Minimum group size: 1

Maximum group size: 20

Duration: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION – Dubai: Dubai City Tour

Dubai is a city that offers a new configuration at every stage, rich mix of old and new, is undoubtedly the main tourist destination in the Middle East. We go to the “Dubai Marina” area, which offers an exclusive environment for life, recreation and business. Then we will visit the largest artificial island in the world called The Palm Jumeirah. We will take a picture in front of the luxurious Atlantis The Palm.

Our tour will take you on a journey that will show the old and new Dubai, we went to the spice market and the gold souk, the old Fahidi fortress, which is now the History Museum of Dubai, Jumeirah Mosque, An architectural landmark in Dubai.

After this visit we went to the highest building in the world “BURJ KHALIFA”, located right next to the biggest mall in the world, the “Dubai Mall” where we finish our tour. In the Burj Khalifa, we will have the opportunity to experience “at the top” of the magnificent view towards the 4 cardinal points. Begin your vertical ascent to the viewing platform in one of your high-speed elevators, traveling at 10 meters per second.

Like open doors, the floor-to-ceiling glass walls offer breathtaking views of the city, the desert and the ocean. You can visit the aquarium 50 meters long and discover the exotic wonders of the aquatic life of the region.

Enjoy this Dubai city tour and discover this magical city of the United Arab Emirates. Our tours are focused on architecture and urbanism and they are perfect for architecture lovers, experts and professionals as well as groups and student trips. Enjoy with Artchitectours guided visits around the world, made by professional guide-architects who will come along with us throughout the itinerary.