Project Description


  • Colonial Mexico
  • Colonial Mexico
  • Colonial Mexico
  • Colonial Mexico

Languages available: EN ES

Minimum group size: 4

Maximum group size: 20

Duration: 4 days

DESCRIPTION – Zacatecas + Guanajuato: Colonial Mexico

A 4-day trip through the center of Mexico City to see great examples of Mexican colonial architecture where we find large buildings with impeccable conservation as the grades of architectural retraining.

Day 1: Museums of Zacatecas. We will visit the museums, walking in the paved streets of the city: Museum of Abstract Art and Pedro Coronel Museum.

Day 2: Hotels and Mines of Zacatecas. We will visit the most picturesque hotels of the city, then we will enter the depths of the earth in the Mine “Eden”, to know the legends and secrets, that guard this city.

Day 3: Guanajuato History and Tradition. 3 hours trip to Guanajuato. We will walk the streets of the center, and we will visit the Diego Rivera study house and the Santa Cecilia castle hotel.

Day 4: Guanajuato and Independence. We will head to the typical and famous Hidalgo Market to have a lunch in the typical food stands, we will make a visit in the tunnels that cross the city from below, we will discover unique spaces. We will take the bus to visit the magical town of San Miguel de Allende.

End of the trip.