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Benchmark Urbanism & Smart City

Barcelona is nowadays one of the most active cultural centres in the world! A cosmopolitan city that attracts crowds due to its diversity. Culture, gastronomy, art, history, leisure, shopping, business, technology, urbanism, architecture… it has it all! Barcelona is a great and, at the same time, compact city. Discover with Architectours our Barcelona tours with professional guide-architects!

The architecture of Barcelona has received over the centuries various civilizations and styles, from the first Iberians, through the Romans, Visigoths, also the influence of Islam until reaching the Middle Ages where the Catalan culture and language emerged and the first Catalan art, Romanesque and Gothic, that we can still see today in buildings such as the Cathedral of Barcelona. During the Modern Age, Barcelona was influenced by the Renaissance and the Baroque from Italy and France. It is in the nineteenth century where the city reaches its maximum splendor with modernism. The 20th and 21st centuries Barcelona hosted major events that meant the construction of new contemporary works of great importance, such as the Universal Exposition of 1888 and the International Exhibition of 1929, the Olympic Games of 1992 and the Universal Forum of Cultures of 2004.

Throughout the history, great architects and urban planners such as Cerdà (ideology of the Cerdà Plan that completely transformed the urban plan of the city), Gaudí (the great master and maximum representative of Catalan modernist architecture), Domènech i Muntaner, Sert, Coderch, Miralles, Nouvel, Herzog & Demeuron, Isozaki (recently awarded with the Pritzker prize), Calatrava, Foster, Rogers and Zaha Hadid, among others, have made from Barcelona a benchmark of global architecture and urbanism. A city where all styles and trends are welcome and coexist in harmony. A city that invests in top-end technology and it is a reference in Smart Cities. We can see this reflected in the project of 22@, the Plan approved in 2000 by the Barcelona City Council that meant the transformation of the Poblenou neighborhood, turning this industrial district into an innovative one where contemporary architecture is mixed with industrial heritage. You can discover the works of these famous architects and other contemporary projects that make Barcelona a reference in the world.

Choose from one of our tours in Barcelona oriented to design, urban planning and architecture in Barcelona, ​​or request that one of our architects prepare a customized itinerary. All our guides are professional architects, who will be happy to prepare your tailor made itinerary. From Artchitectours we can organize your private tour to Barcelona, ​​study trip or incentive trip as well.


Comments from our clients


Hola Marta

Los tours tanto el 8 como el 9 fueron muy bien, a pesar del frio. Carmen encantadora y super apasionada, el grupo quedó muy satisfecho, le trasmites de mi parte por favor mi agradecimiento por la labor que realizó.

El tour en el autobús, también fue valioso y le dices a Carmen que si vio a alguno con el ojo cerrado por algún momento, que lo disculpe, este tipo de viajes en el último día hacen mella en la gente.

Gracias por todo y espero que tengamos oportunidad de colaborar en un futuro próximo.

Rocamador , Jefe Departamento Azulejo, Piedra Natural, Materiales de Construcción y Hábitat - Miami


It was really good Marta,

I think Bianca was a bit surprised I wanted to see Navas social housing rather than Gaudi! Esther giving us a full tour was a huge bonus!

Bianca was going to send me some information on social housing, perhaps you could remind her? And thank her for such a good tour please.

With kind regards, Mike

Michael, Architecture, Design & Landscape Studio, U.K


Dear Artchitectours team,
Thank you for organising such brilliant tours. Everybody who attended thoroughly enjoyed it, we received great feedback, so thank you.Do let us know if you are ever in London and would like to come and visit the office.

Best wishes

Richard, Architecture Studio, U.K


Bonjour Cristina,

Oui pardon je n’ai pas pris le temps de vous répondre.

Le séjour était super, la ville est magnifique et paisible, nous avons passé un très bon séjour.

Concernant la visite, Léonor est une personne très sympathique et douce, elle a su nous accompagner, répondre à nos questions et nous montrer un autre visage de Barcelone, du fait également qu’elle habite sur place.

La seule chose que nous avons trouvé dommage c’est de ne pas pouvoir visiter l’intérieur de plus de bâtiment.

Cela est peut-être dû aussi au fait que la visite était un samedi matin mais c’est vraiment la seule chose à redire.

Merci pour cette collaboration et je n’hésiterais pas à vous recontacter si besoin.

Bien cordialement,


Lucie, Architects from France


Hemos regresado anoche de Barcelona. Nos han parecido todos los tours muy interesantes especialmente el del Parque Recerca Biomédica donde el doctor Fickert nos explicó muy detalladamente la concepción del proyecto desde el punto de vista del trabajo de un científico.  Muchas gracias por toda la organización, os recomendaremos a próximos grupos que quieran visitar Barcelona.


Architecture Studio, Düsseldorf


The group very much enjoyed the wonderful and informative tour with Nuria.I would also like to say thank you very much for all the help and advice you gave me during our email communications.
I have attached a photo, hope Nuria gets to see it.
And finally a message from the group, they will all be coming back to Barcelona for another visit.
Kind regards and many thanks.

Teresa, USA

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