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The architecture that never ends

Paris, the great metropolis of France is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world and this is partly due to the surprising cohesion of its architecture. However, Paris is also a city where you can appreciate the urbanistic and architectural scars of successive reforms, such as that of Baron Haussmann, who transformed the French capital into what it is today.

For these reasons, Paris accumulates an overwhelming amount of buildings and emblematic constructions of all times and styles. The gothic of Notre-Dame of Paris, the baroque of the Louvre, the neoclassical church of Madelaine, the train stations of the industrial revolution such as the Gare de Saint Lazare and the building that inaugurated the era of skyscrapers, The Eiffel Tower, among others. But not only that, in Paris there are also the works of modern architects such as Le Corbusier and famous contemporary works such as the Cartier foundation of Jean Nouvel, pharaonic reform of the national library of France by Dominique Perrault, the pyramids of the Louvre by IM Pei and many others. Paris really never ends.

Enjoy our tours in Paris focused on architecture and urbanism, perfect for architecture lovers, experts and professionals but also for groups and student trips.

Enjoy with Artchitectours guided tours around the world, accompanied by one of our professional architects-guides who will be with you throughout the route. Our itineraries, personalized tours and guided tours of architecture and design are meticulously planned to adapt to each group in particular, from the assignment of the appropriate architect-guide, to the rest stops, the type of transport, and more. From Artchitectours we can organize your private tour to Paris, ​​study trip or incentive trip as well.


Comments from our clients

Tour was fabulous, informative and friendly! Great to have an architect lead tour. I’ve recommend your programme to friends travelling to Paris in Spring. I’ll be back and will schedule again.

Very pleased, also for short notice set up.

Barbara, From Washington DC (USA)

Thank you so much for a very well organized tour. Give our best to the guide, she was very good =)

Øystein, Architecture Company from Tronheim, Norway

It was a great tour with professionalism and the delegation was deeply satisfied.
In such a last min. Request of deep into Paris new development, it was a perfect tour arranged.

Thank you!

Yoko, Delegation from Japan

We had a great time! Everybody loved it!

Very interesting to see a different site of Paris by bike with a guide. He told us lots of interesting stuff!

Thnx so much!

Client from the Netherlands