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Lithuania along with Estonia and Latvia are part of which we call the Baltic countries. With its large forests interrupted only by rivers, it has a traditional wooden architecture; most of the population used only this material until the twentieth century. But its oldest architectural gems are Gothic, in the image of St. Anne´s church in Vilnius, the Renaissance like the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and the Baroque as for example the  Monastery of Pažaislis in Kaunas. Lithuania also has very good examples of modernism before the Soviet era which brought Soviet historicism and functionalism that can be found in many buildings like the Green Bridge, which russians decided to decorate with sculptures reflecting Soviet ideology.

Although a great part of the country did not adhere to this trend, post-independence architecture was made up of skyscrapers, particularly in the financial district of Vilnius, the country’s capital. In this district, you will find the offices of the K29, an oval-shaped building and undoubtedly a beautiful example of contemporary architecture. Not everything is necessarily ancient old but the Contemporary Art Centre represents the Modernism Architecture of these days.

Touring around this country, you will discover the incredible diversity of its architecture. Trakai, ancient capital, and its magnificent medieval castle in red brick built in an island surrounded by lakes and located on a remote peninsula; Kaunas and its historic centre or Vilnius known as the baroque capital of northern Europe, for its numerous buildings and churches built in that style as well as for their cobblestone and its coloured narrow alleys full of charm. Undoubtedly, Lithuania is a treasure for architecture lovers.

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