The winter Olympics Plaza locates at the northwest part of the original factory, to the south of Fushi Road, to the north of Xin’an Street. The show lake at the north and the Shijingshan Mountain at the west bring about splendid natural landscape.

The project has total area of about 86500㎡, with main programs of office, meeting, exhibition and the supporting service facilities. The whole project consists of ten buildings: N3-3 forwarding station, N3-2 forwarding station (including conference center), N1-2 forwarding station, canteen, control center, joint pump station (including exhibition center), North Silos, dry dust collector, and the parking structure. Except the parking structure, which is new-built, all the other buildings are the investigation of industrial heritages.

All the concrete and steel structures are carefully reserved in the design. The original structual space is transformed into useful programs, and the vertical transportatition space is put in steel frameworks adjacent to the facade. Thus, the design honestly express the difference between the new and the reserved, showing our respect to the industrial heritages.

An open landscape corridor and several public space are inserted into the original industrial park, which helps with the communication between the inside and outside area. Several tall and old trees are reserved in the park zone, as greenery continuation of the Shijingshan Scenic Region.

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Source: archdaily

Pictures by He Chen for archdaily