Spring Festival, originally related to the agricultural and livestock fairs that today is the largest public event in the city, with a floating population of more than 1 million people in an area of ​​a few hectares, during a week, almost 24 hours.

The architecture and the urban landscape is a present element, especially through the so-called front door or main door. Annually a contest is called for its design and construction, related to a theme of the city.

In this edition of 2019 the cover is inspired by one of the most emblematic buildings of the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, the Seville Pavilion, designed by Vicente Traver. This pavilion is formed by the Casino de la Exposición and the Lope de Vega Theater and is located in the Jardines de la Madrina, the ancient Gardens of the San Telmo Palace.

All the elements that make up the cover are a faithful reflection of the Seville Pavilion, a Neo-Baroque style building. The five arches represent the entrances to the pavilion. The central arch is crowned by an ornamental frieze in our center there is an oval space reserved for the coat of arms of the city of Seville.

It has two side towers or bastions where an ornamental frame has been placed on each side inside which there is a space reserved for the commemorations of the figure of Aníbal González and the fifth centenary of the first round the world. The central part represents the circular hall and its dome is crowned by the tower. The colors used, as explained by the author in the presentation, resemble those of the building, although the yellow albero has been enhanced.

The dimensions of the cover are considerable: it is a structure of 50 meters wide and -37 meters high (equivalent to a 12-storey tower), which houses more than 25,000 light bulbs to illuminate the Sevillian fair.