The undeniable worldwide impact of the HBO Game of Thrones series has indirectly generated an interest in those locations of the series. We can affirm that a tourist interest has been established to visit certain enclaves, and Seville has been precisely one of the cities with a greater presence at key moments of the series.

The Real Alcázar: the Dorne Water Gardens

In it were filmed the scenes of the ‘Water Gardens’, as the residence of Prince Doran Martell. Jaime Lannister came to Dorne with the aim of rescuing his niece-daughter Myrcella after the Mountain, faithful servant of Cersei Lannister, ended the life of the younger brother of Doran Martell, Oberyn. This causes that the welcome of Jaime is a little tense on the part of the Serpents of Sand, daughters of the deceased, and of Ellaria Arena, lover who watched as they assassinated him.

Osuna Bullring: Daznak Trench in Meereen

Osuna also has to thank the rebound of tourism in the town. The municipality turned to American production, even a bar named its tapas as characters in the series. The Bullring of Osuna was the Trench of Daznak, one of the most spectacular sequences of the series. While attending a gladiatorial battle, Daenerys is the victim of an ambush by the Sons of the Harpy from which he escapes on the back of one of his dragons.

Atarazanas de Sevilla: the dungeons of the Red Fort

During the month of November 2016, the Atarazanas became the dungeons of the Red Fortress at the King’s Landing. There the skeletons of the dragons are conserved and it is where Qyburn teaches to Cersei his great secret weapon against it, the scorpion, a great crossbow that can cross the skeleton of a dragon without problem. They will appear again in the last chapter.

Itálica Amphitheater: Dragon Well

In the last chapter of the seventh season a great meeting takes place in which they try to sign a truce in the fight for the Iron Throne to fight together the White Walkers. This conclave is produced in Dragon Well, place where the Targaryen kept their dragons in captivity until the disappearance of them. It will also be the scene of the final scene of the series.